Notes From The Underworld #1 [The World Wide Web of Exploitation and Oppression]:

Notes from the Underworld-The World Wide Web of Exploitation and Oppression:

(Edited and compiled by Prometheus Stargazer based upon communiques from public and anonymous volunteer MiMu agents.)

Much like the infamous harcore journalists, VICE, MiMu seeks to directly experience, infiltrate, and expose current curiousities and, well, vices…

A number of our agents spent almost 12-cumulative months on this exposee. We spent about half this time learning and practicing the security and surfing skills necessary to navigate the “deep web” and the much, much darker parts of the net. The stories our agents have experienced and related from this project are equal parts mentally disturbing and emotionally scarring so this article is not for the weak of heart or those blindly conforming to societal illusions of security, safety, or privacy. The purpose of this piece is not only to expose some of the blatant abuses and violations of common ethics that occurs on the dark web but also what we can do to combat it in our daily lives and in the dominant technological society at large. View our blog at for more articles and information on personal security, cryptography, self-defense, and journalistic vigilantism.

The first peek at the “deep web (a name used for the bulk of the World Wide Web that is not filtered through browsers and that you can’t find on any search engine) is certainly exciting, if not slightly disturbing. Besides your general “Hire an Assassin” or black market vendor sites (offering illegal narcotics and weapons mostly, also usually very dangerous if you like freedom and not being in prison), you will also find a nice array of piracy resources, massive PDF libraries, secure communication services, personal blogs & forums for nearly everything imaginable. Sorting through these lists for the proverbial “diamond” is quite a daunting task but an enlightening experience all the same. If you have ever spent any length of time of random 4Chan or Reddit boards you aren’t a stranger to disgust and trauma, or it’s dominant form, child pornography, so the deep web’s massive “underage erotica” racket isn’t infinitely surprising.

Let’s ignore for the moment that underage kids don’t have a fully developed social-consciousness or that they are relatively “ignorant” of societal ills, just the fact people can legitimately advocate/depict any exploitation of children without fear of organized backlash is unthinkable! I’m not anti-pornography by any measure, just anti-exploitation and anti-oppression, and those are two categories that the deep web erotica racketeers distinctly violate. The underground internet is packed with resources for pedophiles, sex criminal forums & networking sites, so-called “pedo blogs”, and your general video and picture gallery sites. But even more disturbing than these is the “how-to-kidnap, torture, rape, and murder” sites (with pics included, of course). Generally disguised as forums with clever cover titles like, “alternative erotica submission forum”, or just simply & blatantly titled like, “Violent Desires”.

Depressed, angry, or disgusted yet? Us too. So what does INTERPOL, the FBI, even any local Cyber Crimes Task Force do about it? So far they have failed at combating anything more than busting the occasional pedophile/video & pic up-loader, down-loader, or a site admin (socially insensible and impractical pursuits if we care to directly disrupt creation and distribution and the central distribution network) but that doesn’t so much as make a dent in the online “child erotica” racket, much less online child sex trafficking. In fact, many of the arrests made due to child sex trafficking, downloading, and/or uploading are due to the extensive data collection, infiltration, and cyber-vigilante activities of none other than the shadowy “Anonymous network”.

Anonymous anti-child sex racketeering “campaigns” are usually carried out by individual hacktivists and/or organized cells, exactly like any other Anonymous action, but their efforts are direct, uncompromising, and decentralized but efficiently organized. In fact, I would estimate possibly even 60-80% of the disappearance of deep web underage sex racket sites and access to link connection points, such as the infamous Hidden Wiki, are due to the tactical efforts of the legion of Anonymous. These efforts are made up of deep-web savvy supporters such as the journalistic vigilantes who cooperatively wrote this piece, these individuals and cells infiltrate sites and forums, pose as sex criminals, compile data, hack site administration, dump data, spam sites to death, and turn in personal information to local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) so they can do what they do best…clean up after the citizens take care of the problems directly and unfortunately, illegally.

Also, unfortunately, international LEAs have used these infiltrator and chameleon-like tactics to invade cyber-vigilantes privacy, log their data, sabotage their efforts, or even accuse them of harboring pedophilia sympathies and raiding them/detaining them on baseless grounds (such as “possession of anarchist literature”). Either way you look at it, LEA’s dedicated to “disrupting the trafficking of child erotica” are doing a pretty horrible (“centrally-organized”) job. On the other hand, many cyber-vigilantes deserve praise if not at least some form of mass public support.What is the best way to support such actions? Take action and raise your voice against CISPA and other “anti-piracy” (anti-PRIVACY) laws and agreements. Download, run, and support the Tor project (and other open-source and cryptographic tools/services) which, on one hand, does give some sort of cyber-protection to sex criminals but in the end it gives more protection to those citizen-civilians who use their time to tactically and successfully attack exploitative activities online of their own governments or of those downloading or uploading any form of child erotica. Also, downloading/uploading while on Tor, same as any “normal” browser, can almost immediately unmask you, and you will get righteously SERVED by the Legion or any other hacktivism-savvy citizen.

People are exploited, abused, and oppressed at every stage of their lives, why start young and corrupt the online underground in the process? A new collective offensive is coming and if you exploit ANYONE, of any age or social status, you will become a target…

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”~~John F. Kennedy


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