Mischief and Mutiny could exist as a clandestine nexus of rebel warriors, noble bandits, infernal artisans, chemognostic alchemists, subversive scribes, wayfarer-warlocks, and nomad sorcerers.

Or might be a chthonic kingdom of lost islands, desert caravans, haunted villages, and hidden temples occupied by tantric dragon-worshippers or mad wizards who feed the flesh & blood of ancient gods & forgotten titans to wandering pilgrims to sow ecstasy amongst the folk.

It may be a nefarious spy network of spectral operatives and foreign agents undermining the static systems of mediation and control in order to seize the power of the present. This is the legend of MiMuSo.

In our own view, Mischief & Mutiny Society is a dynamic Immediatist Tong and ecstatic witchcult exploring the various subjective realms and experiential applications of creative sorcery & experimental magic, postanarchist praxes, spiritual psychonautics & entheogenic alchemy, insurrectionary counterculture & illegalist lifestyle, hunter-gatherer resurgence, anti-civ dreampunk, and more. In the form of an eclectic esoteric order, we evoke the primal spirit of the Typhonian-Dionysian cultus as oracles of madness and revelry through self-initiated mutation and transformative ecstatic gnosis. In essence, MiMu exists as an anti-hierarchical syndicate of self-made mutants perpetuating the panpsychical insurgency against the machinery and masters of domination. Will you join us, embrace danger, and embark on a path of immediate adventure?

Towards a joyous today & a liberated tomorrow,




 NOTE: The information, viewpoints, and links contained and promoted by this blog are for self-education and personal developmental research, and are not necessarily endorsements of any particular activity or lifestyle besides an individual state of self-defined freedom and fulfillment. Nor are they opinions or values that reflect the views of individual writers or are shared in common by all of our contributors.


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