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The Hallucinogenic Revolution [Vol. II]: Animated Video on Social-Cultural Domination & Contemporary Chaos

I’m pleased to present the continuation of our Hallucinogenic Revolution series. The beauty of this information is it’s personal subjectivity. Along with everything we write/post, the subjectivity and importance of individual understanding is emphasized. What I try to inspire is what I find in myself when I come to intuitive understanding of  wisdom and knowledge with which I am presented. Most folks I’ve talked to can relate to that ecstatic moment that McKenna refers to as, “the Felt Presence of Direct Experience” (see Hallucinogenic Revolution Vol I, Video I for his own elaboration). Seek your truth, share your knowledge.

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Terence McKenna – Chaos Provides Opportunity

[Terence McKenna talks about the rising chaos in the world and how it provides a moment of opportunity for change from a joint lecture trialogu” held between Ralph Abraham, Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake entitled ‘Trialogue: Chaos & Imagination’]