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W.A.R. aka The Magister – Writer, CFO, and Editor-in-chief.

k i n g d o m c h t h o n i o i (at) g m a i l. c o m

Please title all messages – “Concerning Chaos...” – this is for organizational purposes, mislabeled and/or untitled messages will be lost and subsequently deleted during archival maintenance.

[Due to spamming we request that you spell out the email address, inserting the appropriate symbols. This aids us in our struggle against spammers, phishers, corporate marketing parasites, and spyware]


*F.Y.I. We receive and respond to email more readily than contact through social networks.*


One thought on “Contact”

  1. We march we march, against the propaganda. We march we march against the aggressor . Flags held high, fists in the sky. we march we march nothing can tear us down.

    ~Miguel AKA NEKRO

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