Projects + Media

-Current Projects-

Operation Chaosynthesisan active Immediatist art project featuring clandestine site-specific pieces serving as psychic pylons and  Titanic vortex altars, generally paired with otherworldly artefacts possessing infernal sorcerous enchantments.

-Upcoming Unveilings-


The Book of Luminous Night aka Liber L.O.N. by Frater Ee.

— Planned Release for Samhain 2016.


King Asmoday Voodoo Theatre: an experimental occult theatre project activating magical empowerment and self-mutation through organic visionary ritual expressions embodying direct archetypical possession of the individual via the dynamic invocation of traditional vodou loa and various goetic spirits, as well as the utilization of diverse forms of folk sorcery and talismanic aesthetics.


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Chaos & Complexity, Self-Reliance, Experiential Esotericism, and Ecstatic Empowerment

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